Skipper observes the goings-on on Lake Lucerne from the Nock with binoculars.

Company vision & values

Who we are

The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV AG) is a subsidiary of SGV Holding and thus a part of SGV Group. Our history dates back to 1836. As a private transport company with a federal concession to operate shipping services on Lake Lucerne, we have one of the largest inland fleets in Switzerland, including 5 historic paddle steamers and 15 modern motor vessels. Each year, we transport 2.5 to 3 million passengers on the lake.


Our activities

In addition to providing ferry services and leisure cruises on Lake Lucerne our other subsidiaries are active in shipbuilding, naval engineering and gastronomy.


Why we do it

We strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and provide a great degree of enjoyment for all our visitors on the lake. Engineering excellence and fresh, innovative gastronomy are our mission. Thanks to top-notch cooperation with our partners, we seek to enhance our standing in the community as well as secure the jobs of our employees.


How we do it

Thanks to our long-term know-how as well as operational efficiency and flexibility, our services are safe and environmentally sustainable. We strive to continuously update and refine our products, in order to ensure high quality and consistency. 

Using our traditional strengths and long-term experience as a solid base, we have branched out into new business activities, thus entering into new markets close to our core business, thereby taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

SGV is an attractive, reliable and fair employer, committed to the social well-being of our employees. As a contractor and service provider, we seek to establish successful cooperation with our clients and partners.

The management of SGV Group is committed to transparent communication and compliance with modern corporate governance.