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MS Bürgenstock on the return journey from Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock to Lucerne.


The fast and simple connection to Bürgenstock.

In the heart of Switzerland a brand-new, world class destination has taken shape! The Bürgenstock Resort towers 500 m above Lake Lucerne, perched on a panoramic terrace, high in the sky. Enjoy the tranquility of the lake as you reach the Bürgenstock Resort in the most comfortable and convenient way possible, on a short, relaxing cruise from Lucerne. Consider our ships your VIP mode of transport on the way there.

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Dates Daily, all year long
Duration 2 hours
Route Lucerne-Kehrsiten Bürgenstock-Bürgenstock-Kehrsiten Bürgenstock-Lucerne
Timetable Find out more here
Gastronomy Please note that on these cruises no catering is available.
Prices Route Lucerne-Kehrsiten Bürgenstock-Bürgenstock-Kehrsiten Bürgenstock-Lucerne
Ticket prices 2. class:
With half-fare card: CHF 43.20
Without half-fare card: CHF 86.40
Ticket prices 1. class:
With half-fare card: CHF 52.40
Without half-fare card: CHF 104.80

Owners of a GA do not need a boat ticket and can purchase the mountain railway tickets on the boat.
Children's Co-travelcard is accepted.
Group reservation For group reservations, please get in touch with us. By phone +41 41 367 67 67 or contact form.
Reservation Online-booking is only possible with credit cards and up to 9 people.